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          Opleidingen - Branding and Digital Marketing (Business Training - Den Haag) bij Kronenburgh Business College / International Business School / Language College

          Branding and Digital Marketing (Business Training - Den Haag)

          • InstituutKronenburgh Business College / International Business School / Language College
          • NiveauMBO 4
          • SoortKlassikaal
          • Totale lesduur6 dagen
          • Kosten€930 excl. BTW
          • Max deelnemers20

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          Do you want to learn how to strengthen a brand through the use of digital marketing? Do you see opportunities to respond even better to customer needs? Will you bring the brand from 'nice to have' to 'need to have'?

          Sign-up for the 6 day Kronenburgh training Branding and Digital Marketing in The Hague: make a difference !


          Brands surround us in our everyday lives. People may judge others by their brand of car, their brand of clothes or the brand of drinks they consume. Brands can help give people identity and image. Because of this, marketing is often brand driven, with the objective of establishing a product (good or service) with a separate identity in consumers’ minds, making the product desirable, wanted and even needed. Messages are carefully crafted to build customer views and expectations of the products associated with the brand.
          Constant advances in digital-based processes and systems, and changes in customer behaviour and their use of social media, present a challenge for businesses who work to maintain, develop or reinforce their brand identity. Businesses invest a huge amount of effort and resources to ensure that the customer recognises and responds to their brand identity in the right way.

          Digital marketing

          Digital Marketing is much broader than just webshops and e-commerce. Think of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Advertising, Social Media, Google Analytics and Google Adwords.
          It is important to understand the role of digital marketing in identifying and satisfying customers. Therefore the focus is on the purpose of digital marketing in a business, the specific aims and objectives of this function and the benefits of, and concerns about, digital marketing. Using the different delivery methods and key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the success of the digital message.

          What makes this training so interesting?
          - Classroom education and exam training;
          - Provides an exemption within the programme Medewerker Marketing / Online Marketeer MBO4;

          - Good balance of theory and practice: apply immediately;
          - Motivated fellow students;
          - Lecturers from the field;
          - Afternoon and evening lectures: employer and employee invest together;
          - Start and end of lectures outside rush hour;
          - College building very easily accessible by public transport;
          - Trained at Kronenburgh? Then you make the difference!

          In short, all the advantages of private education: a solid education.

          The course content:


          A Investigate the role of branding in a selected business
          A1 Principles of branding
          A2 Brand as an asset
          A3 Benefits and drawbacks of branding for a business
          B Review how branding is used by a selected business
          B1 Branding as part of business strategy
          B2 Brand design
          B3 Factors influencing branding activities
          C Recommend changes to a brand for an existing product
          C1 Challenges of managing brands
          C2 Changing a brand

          Digital marketing

          A Examine the role of digital marketing within the broader marketing mix
          A1 Digital marketing in the marketing function
          A2 How the digital communication is delivered
          A3 Devices for displaying digital communications
          B Investigate the effectiveness of existing digital marketing campaigns
          B1 Digital marketing objectives
          B2 Digital strategies to meet target objectives
          B3 Return on investment compensation models
          B4 Benefits and concerns of online advertising
          C Develop a digital marketing campaign for a selected product or brand
          C1 Marketing planning process
          C2 Integration in the wider marketing and promotional mix

          Admission criteria

          There are no entry requirements, but the best prior education is Marketing Basics.

          We provide training at MBO4+ / HAVO5 / HBO1 level.


          You can obtain the Kronenburgh Business College certificate. This certificate gives an exemption within our programme Medewerker Marketing / Online Marketeer KBC4 and the programme Medewerker Marketing / Online Marketeer MBO4.

          Further education

          The training SEO / SEA Google Ads advanced

          The programme Medewerker Marketing / Online Marketeer KBC4

          The programme Medewerker Marketing / Online Marketeer MBO4.

          Lecture times
          13.30-20.50: 3 tutorials in the afternoon and 3 tutorials in the evening. A 10-minute break after each seminar. After the first 3 tutorials there is a big break and many students take a walk through the historic center of The Hague.

          College days: on Thursdays.

          Duration of training: 6 lecture days and exam.

          Time investment
          Keep in mind that every half-day lecture requires at least one half-day preparation / homework; this is separate from the study time in preparation for the exam.

          If the lecturer is unexpectedly unable to attend due to circumstances, the lectures will be made up at another time. The dropout rate is therefore nil.

          Participation in all lecture days is important. Practice shows that absence stands in the way of successful completion of a module and study delay is incurred and additional training costs are incurred.

          You bring your own laptop with the OfficeSuite (Word, PowerPoint and Excel).

          Nice bonus
          - No registration costs;
          - No VAT on tuition fees;
          - No arrangement costs;
          - No reproduction rights fees.

          Does the government support?
          The training costs that you incur in 2021 are tax deductible via the income declaration (See tax page).

          In 2022 there will be a new arrangement: See tax page. You can then apply for up to 1000 euros per year via the UWV. An annual total budget of 218 million euros is available for the scheme, divided over 6 application periods. On = gone, so be there on time from 2022!

          An employer can set off employee training costs for tax purposes.

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