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          Opleidingen - Strategisch Onderhandelen (Effective Negotiating Skills) bij Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University - Executive Education

          Strategisch Onderhandelen (Effective Negotiating Skills)

          • InstituutRotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University - Executive Education
          • SoortKlassikaal
          • Totale lesduur3 dagen
          • Kosten€3.000 excl. BTW
          • Max deelnemers25

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          Effective Negotiating Skills is a three-day programme to find the skills and the confidence needed to develop your own style of negotiation and learn how to apply the fundamental concepts.

          How do you negotiate for the best results? Our three-day programme Effective Negotiating Skills provides you with the essential negotiation knowledge and skills you need to negotiate effectively in business. Even when a deal is not optimal for all parties, a negotiator often still focuses on haggling over the price. But under financial constraints, even the most effective negotiator strives to achieve integral deals to meet everyone's business needs, and deliver real value rather than just a good price. This approach builds effective business relationships and respect, and the key words are 'needs', 'value', and 'relationship', or in short NVR. Business change and training specialist Paul Hazell will lead you through this intensive and practical workshop, developed by RSM Executive Education, to boost your negotiation skills. You will explore how you can find alignment when negotiating integral deals, identify how to improve your styles and negotiation techniques, and practise in simulated negotiating scenarios to build your confidence in the NVR approach.

          During the programme, you will:
          *acquire practical skills to prepare and plan for negotiations by applying seven fundamental concepts of principled negotiation;
          *develop a thorough understanding of each phase of negotiation, and the tactics and behaviours for successful negotiations;
          *learn how to deal with 'dirty tactics';*discover the strengths and weaknesses of your own negotiation techniques and style, and learn which skills you can improve for even better results in internal and external negotiations;
          *improve your confidence in communicating successfully using verbal, vocal and visual channels of communication;
          *learn how to apply all these skills to effectively manage the negotiation process to make progress, build relationships and achieve successful deals.

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