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          Business Analytics - SimpliLearn Subscription

          • InstituutSimpliLearn
          • SoortE-Learning
          • Totale lesduur1 dagen
          • Kosten€1.500 excl. BTW

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          🗂 5 online trainingen | 🇬🇧 Taal: Engels | 🗓 Abonnement: year | 🎯 Vakgebieden: IT, Business

          The Business Analytics Track allow you to become an expert in Business Analytics. During this Learning Track you will follow 5 different trainings to develop your knowledges and skills in the field.
          For each training completed, receive a certification and continue your progress to become an expert in Business Analytics.

          Business Analytics with Excel

          The Business Analytics with Excel training will boost your analytics career with powerful new Microsoft® Excel skills. You'll learn the basic concepts of data analysis and statistics, helping promote data-driven decision making. You will also become trained in Power BI, so you can better visually represent and present your data analysis findings. Your new knowledge of these two commonly used tools combined with official business analytics certification is guaranteed to ensure career success.
          With Simplilearn’s training on business analytics with Excel, you will be able to:
          * Understand the meaning of business analytics and its importance in the industry
          * Grasp fundamentals of excel analytics functions and conditional formatting
          * Learn how to analyze with complex datasets using pivot tables and slicers
          * Solve stochastic and deterministic analytical problems using tools like scenario manager, solver and goal seek
          * Apply statistical tools and concepts like moving average, hypothesis testing, ANOVA and regression to data sets using Excel
          * Represent your findings using charts and dashboards
          * Get introduced to the latest Microsoft analytic and visualization tools i.e. Power BI


          Do you want to create dashboards and reports automatically without having to depend on information technology staff or database administrators?Don't waste any more time and take up Simplilearn's online Power BI course! This Power BI training helps you create outstanding reports!
          By the end of this Power BI Certification course, you will comprehend and master the following concepts:
          * Create dashboards from published reports
          * Quickly generate visuals and dashboards with Quick Insights
          * Use natural language in the Q&A feature to quickly generate visuals for actionable insight
          * Create and manage data alerts
          * Get report layout and data visualization best practices
          * Understand which charts/graphs to use depending on the question being answered or the story being told
          * Use shapes to design, emphasize, and tell a story
          * See how to incorporate custom visuals into your reports and dashboards
          * Share reports and dashboards, as well as their pro’s and con’s
          * Complete a Power BI data analysis/visual project from start to finish
          * Improve team collaboration with Microsoft Teams
          * Know how to get and prepare your data for analysis and visualization
          * Find out how to create relationships between tables in your data model
          * Create calculated columns and measures using the DAX language

          Agile Scrum Foundation

          Master your professional knowledge of Agile methodologies and Scrum practices with this introductory course accredited by Exin. As a subset of the Agile development approach, the Scrum framework enables collaborative cross-functional teams to deliver projects in incremental portions. Scrum effectively addresses complex adaptive problems to deliver products of the highest value.
          This agile certification course will enable you to:
          * Describe Agile methodologies
          * Discuss Scrum roles, ceremonies and artifacts
          * Plan, execute, monitor and track Scrum projects
          * Understand advanced Scrum topics
          * Absorb Agile philosophy and gain deep knowledge of Scrum
          * Effectively apply Scrum in your organizations

          Introduction To Data Analyst

          Simplilearn’s introductory course in data analytics will give you insights into applying data and analytics principles in your business. You will gain an understanding of the complete data analytics lifecycle, from problem definition to solution deployment. And through various industry-specific examples and case studies, you will learn how analytics, data visualization and data science methodologies can be used to drive better business decisions.

          Introduction to Big Data

          Step into the world of Big Data with an introduction to Hadoop and its ecosystem components.
          After completing this Hadoop Admin course, you will be able to:
          * Understand the fundamentals and characteristics of Big Data and various scalability options available to help block size manage Big Data
          * Master the concepts of the Hadoop framework, including architecture, the Hadoop distributed file system, and deployment of Hadoop clusters using core or vendor-specific distributions
          * Use Cloudera manager for setup, deployment, maintenance, and monitoring of Hadoop clusters
          * Understand Hadoop Administration activities and computational frameworks for processing Big Data
          * Work with Hadoop clients, nodes for clients and web interfaces like HUE to work with Hadoop Cluster
          * Use cluster planning and tools for data ingestion into Hadoop clusters, and cluster monitoring activities
          * resource manager Hadoop components within Hadoop ecosystem like Hive, HBase, Spark, and Kafka
          * Understand security implementation to secure data and clusters

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